That's enough for now.
I've decided that this is all becoming a bit depressing. The trouble is that because the treatment for the cancer left me so weak, I was unable to carry on keeping this blog up to date, and so it's now about a year out of synch with actual events. To cut a long story short, after six weeks of intensive radio- and chemotherapy, and loads of complaining from me, I was given a tentative thumbs up by the medical establishment.
Since then I have gone from strength to strength and have now been clean of the disease for a year.
I'd like to thank everyone at Derriford for their help, support, expertise and sympathy, in particular: Paul McArdle, Pat McCleod and Linda Bedford.
I may yet finish the story started in this blog, but not now. Now life is moving me on, in more ways than one.
Posted by AndySecombe 12:21:57 17.09.2007;
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it was a pleasure
Thanks for the thanks Andy but it really was my pleasure and priviledge to be part of your journey
Posted by linda bedford 12:20:53 04.10.2007;
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