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The Final Conflict is about to erupt on Hove Bowling Green.

The Prophecy has come to pass, and eternal night is over! For the first time in over a thousand years, the sun rises over the battlements of Castle Limbo, and the King realizes he’s in big trouble. For he is one of the few to have read the full text of The Prophecy – and the awful fate predicted for him should a newborn child survive until its first birthday.

So now the Great Terror is about to commence. And, to add to the King’s troubles, his long-banished brothers, the fiendishly cunning Gildroy and the totally hideous Norval, are planning their murderous comeback…

Meanwhile, a different type of mayhem is erupting on Brighton seafront… where newsagent and fantasy enthusiast Rex Boggs is about to emerge as the unlikely hero in this time of chaos. It all begins with giant garbage-eating clams – and spacewoman Serena Kowalski – plummeting to earth…

Otherwise it’s just another day of fun at the seaside.


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Limbo II - The Final Chapter

Rex Boggs - recently appointed Wizard of Limbo - has for the past ten years had little to worry about but perfecting his baking techniques. But after an unseasonable earthquake during lunch one day, decides it might be time to brush up on his wizarding skills.

Meanwhile, on a small island on the Barrier Reef, Nilbert Plymstock is trying to develop sentient coral which can fight back against its predators, but only succeeds in creating a biological computer whose processing power is off the scale.

Add to this mix a galaxy-hopping alien, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a troupe of Morris Dancers and the stage is set for some particularly nasty business...

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The Last House in the Galaxy

Across the aching wastes of space a terrible war is raging. The Gologons, long relegated to being the garbage disposers of the Galaxy, have finally rebelled and now rampage across the Universe, led by the pitiless Gulgus Filch…

Meanwhile, in rural Devon, Sir Mortimer and Lady Trenchard are trying desperately to save their beloved but crumbling Hambledon Hall from falling into the clutches of property developer wide-boy Harry Huxley.

What the Trenchards need is a miracle, and one that just may be supplied by a pipe-smoking rat, Edward VII and a galaxy-hopping comedy balloonist...

What They said...

"Reading like something that PG Wodehouse might have written if he'd been knocked on the head and woken up deciding to write comic SF, Secombe's new novel is clever, funny and very English." - John Courtenay Grimwood, Guardian.

“If Secombe continues to produce books of this strength he will quickly win a place in the highest rank of comedy fantasy novelists alongside Robert Rankin, Tom Holt, even Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams.” – Interzone.

“Comic Fantasy is probably the trickiest Sci-Fi-ish subgenre to pull off…But if you get it wrong, it can end up biting the hand that feeds it… Limbo manages to hold itself just the right side of the line, getting some good jokes out of the genre and ensuring each character plays a decent role, while disguising some crucial plot points as digs at clichés… Get in now, as first edition Secombes might become quite valuable…” Starburst.

“Straight out of nowhere comes ‘Limbo’ by Andy Secombe, best known thus far for his part as Watto in the recent ‘Star Wars movies… Prose is vitally important to the silly British SF genre, and Secombe is clearly up to the task. This book goes down a treat. If you've already booked your holiday, they Secombe's already written your book." - Trashotron.

"Excellent!" - Sandi Toksvig, Sunday Telegraph.

"Andy Secombe is not just a good fantasy writer or a good s/f writer or a good comic writer - he is a good writer - and we can never have too many of those. - Tim MacInnerny ( Black adder, Notting Hill, Casanova, etc.)

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